I love hearts, so when I was asked about knitting a heart, the first thing I did was go searching for a pattern.
I love the Internet, because you can find anything and everything. In my travels I came across this blog julieandtheknits and a post from 11/22/13. The pattern can be found here. The only modification I did was knitting the two halves at once. I told you guys not only am I a founding member of #teamlazyashell,  I have that second syndrome disease so yea….2 at a time is what I did.
I kinda did a pictorial on how you make a top down knitted heart. That was also what got me, because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how the top was done. So what I did different was cast on the top halves at once. Everything else I knit as instructed, join and then continue to follow the pattern. This pattern is super easy to do, if you know how to knit, knit front & back and knit t2 together, you got it! Basically, you knit, increase, join, decrease and bind off.  I made 4 hearts in different yarns and needles using this EXACT pattern in no time flat.

The first picture is a worsted weight yarn by Laura Spinner called Rainbow Twist Handspun Fun 2ply in the color way in crackling leaves. I used a US10 needle.  The pink and white hearts you see underneath, Bulky yarn with US13, I am telling you…make them whatever size you want.




The part I love the most is no matter what size yarn and needle I used, I got the perfect heart each and every time. The heart below was made with Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock lightweight yarn in the color way ka-POW, pa- TINA <—-I love that name by the way. I used a sizeUS4, and I followed the pattern as instructed and POW we have a HEART ladies and gentlemen.



I really mean no matter what size, because when I pulled out the BagSmith big stitch yarn and my US19 needles..check out this Purple Heart and the pic with all of the hearts shows you the different sizes from the same pattern. I am telling you, this pattern is gold!




So next I’m gonna pull out my baby Giants and see how that works and make a big red pillow. I am in love, I can’t stop knitting hearts!  😍😍😍 If you give it a try please tell Julie thank you!! I ❤ this pattern. LOL!