Last night Scandal came back and I needed something to occupy my hands. Why? So I wouldn’t throw something at my TV! Shonda play too much, yes I am addicted to Scandal.

I shared this pic with you guys of the cape I tried on at Vogueknitting live and fell in love, the Touring Cape, remember? I got it from Heidi and Lana booth. Well I got the winder out and got ready to cast on and get this baby going.


The touring cape is knit in one piece with two different colors. The kit comes with Yarn Hollow Tor Worsted yarn, which gives the perfect drape to this wrap. I chose the rust and mushroom color, which was a major challenge. All of the color combos were awesome. I am pleased with my selection and am enjoying watching this unfold. I won’t mention that this yarn, 😍😍 yup I’m fiber crushing, hard!!!




This is made on a US9 needle which is small for me, however, the good part is the pattern has enough changes to keep me interested. That is the thing with small needles and yarn, it’s my attention span, it belongs to a two year old 😜 I am also loving that is can be worn so many ways and reversible. I am anxious to wear this so that will be the fuel to push me along.

What are you making?