So as I walked around on my way to the bathroom. LOL I took the Loooooong way around each time. Is that bad? I never stayed gone too long..anyway in this case the booth, Annie & Company to be exact, was directly behind the BagSmith booth…see, I was on my way to the bathroom :p


They had the cutest hat and what made it so cute to me was the large pom-pom that was on top! I asked was it made by hand, because I had what I thought was a large pom-pom maker. Well this beauty (in the pic below) educated me and let me know there in her booth was an EXTRA large Clover Pom-pom maker. Woot Woot! I’ll take it!

IMG_3363According to the packaging it will make a 4 1/2 inch pom pom, oh yea!!! I am truly happy to add it to the collection, now all I need is the heart shaped one and I will be a happy camper.

IMG_3460  IMG_3469

Have you used one before? it’s really simple and I have the pics to prove it :p

Step 1: Wrap the yarn around the arches



Step 2: Cut the yarn in the center of the arch

IMG_3463 IMG_3464

Step 3: tie with the yarn


Step 4: open the arches, one at a time


Step 5: remove maker,then  fluff and trim your pom-pom to perfection


Now, knock yourself out, add them to hats or use them as decoration as I did for Christmas this year. IMG_2511Adding a Pom-pom makes life better and pretty too! LOL! I love how they turn out so lovely with very little work. When I do the hand method my pom-pom is almost always a hot mess. They came out a bit better when I used the cut the circle in the cardboard technique,  but the amount of trimming I had to do was close to uh…annoying as hell! LOL! So when I found these makers I fell in love and I feel all accomplished because my pom-poms look GOOD! (I made these just for this post)

IMG_3473TIP: the more yarn you wrap around the arches the more full and fluffy your pom-pom will wrap it baby, wrap it tight!! lol!

How do you make your Pom-poms? With a maker or by hand?

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on