Every cake needs a carrier even a cake of yarn, insert my latest fiber accessory: the yarnit.


The yarnit is described as, well here see the card below.

yi description

When I was walking by this particular booth there was a big crowd, well Teresa and I made our way closer so we could see what the fuss was all about and boy oh boy I am so very happy we did. I usually avoid the crowd and go where I can more about freely. If I had done that, I wouldn’t be the proud owner of “the yarnit” because this baby was selling out like hot cakes.

The maker says this and I agree. It protects, it organizes and it travels in style

IMG_3455ok now from my perspective ….I LOVE it! I give it 5 stars! it’s so cute and it has a strap so it can hang around your shoulder and the base has this magic suction thingy so it stays where you put it and the base comes off for storage purposes and that mustache is the cutest because one MUST STASH (when the owner said that I died laughing)  hahahahahahaha AND here, look for yourself

20150121_104817 20150121_104843

20150121_104909 IMG_3456

it has little openings on the side to thread your yarn through and as you an see it fits a decent size cake. The cake in the pic above  is 90 yards of super bulky thick n thin yarn from Rainbow Twist Handspun. It fits, snugly, but fits. I also like that I can put my stitch markers in the base..look guys

IMG_3457 IMG_3451

I truly love the openings on the top that fit your needles..this thing is perfect. The cake in the picture below is Aran weight from Cascade yarns and you see it leaves some room. Obviously a really large cake won’t fit but I still love it! I now wish I had grabbed 2 for color work.

IMG_3453I did get a few other things, stay tuned

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on