How does the saying go? Not Rain, nor ice…or something like that right? LOL because trust me the ice caused a major slow down, but did not stop the show.  I bundled up, stepped lightly and made it there safe and sound.


The last day of the The Ultimate Knitting Experience has arrived and I am tired but excited. On Sunday I worked in the KnittingAbacus booth with the owner Sharon and had a blast. She did the demonstrations and I took the money, we worked well together. Oh and I got my 3-tiered Ablet, yup I sure did!!

 IMG_3395 IMG_3376


During my potty breaks I got to explore a bit more. I didn’t do the damage that I can do, because well the way my finances are set up, LOL!! I did, however, get to met the other half of Stephen & Steven and that made me feel so accomplished 🙂 below is a picture of me and Steven Be!!


What are my thoughts? How was my first experience? Is that what you want to know? *insert cheesy grin* Well, I will  ABSOLUTELY make this an annual event, and take a class or two. I was in my glory, my element if you will. The sights and sounds of VKL was like pure adrenaline. I was inspired to learn more and aim higher in my knitting. The stimulation was almost overwhelming and left alone I am ALL over the place, literally! A yarn would catch my eye and off I went, meanwhile an hour later…I was supposed to be going to the little girl’s room. Hahahahahahahahahaha!



Right across from us was this booth demonstrating a knitting machine. Lord knows I didn’t need to see that thing because I have NO room but I want it! LOL! Wait till you see the video below…it’s so easy and talking about instant gratification, with me being the CEO of #teamlazy. Yup Gotta have it! Y’all take a collection ok? Okay thanks :p


I mean you bumped shoulders with Knitting Royalty as well as the neophyte. This event attracts the advanced knitter looking to learn something new, to the intimidated new knitter that was totally overwhelmed, but happy. It was thought provoking, I mean my creative juices flowed all over the place. I saw colors together that I would have never, ever put together and they looked good! The different shapes and the color work, I was in love!!  I mean the designers that stopped and chatted and answers your questions; just an overall wonderful experience.  It was everything I didn’t know I needed. Bravo Vogue Knitting…Bravo!!

IMG_3402 IMG_3398 _MG_6753

I was introduced to yarns I wasn’t aware of and you know I LOVED that and reunited with a few of my favorites.  Psst….I must and I will repeat MUST get my hands on the 100% cashmere from PepperBerry Knits. I know what heave feels like, I had it in my hands.

IMG_3396 IMG_3403

I took so many pictures, if you want to see more come follow me on Facebook I will be sharing what I purchased here on the blog over the next couple of days.

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on