Day 1: work the BagSmith Booth

Well that was the plan. I did more star gazing than I did work. The Market opened at 5pm and got there like 3:30ish. I secretly wanted to get to a couple of spots before the crowds πŸ‘€ shhhh don’t tell ok? So I go check on Sharon from KnittingAbacus and she needs me to make a food run. Did that, but I went by way of the other floor where StringYarns was located and was giving away bags to the first 50 customers. Who was THE first? Yup, ya Girl GG. So imagine my shock when I look up and this beauty is coming straight at me. I was like OMG it’s Vickie HowellΒ 

πŸ˜±πŸ˜‹πŸ™€ I had to get my words together and ask if she would take a pic with me and of course she did. So I find String get my bag and yarn (I’ll show you that later) I take the long way around so I could see the sights. I ran into Pam MacKenzie from In Stitches, got a hug. I took care of my Sharon and now it’s time for folks to come in, I put on my felt poncho from The BagSmith and let the games begin.

I did sales for Verizon for quite some time, so bring it on, let’s get some WORK done, right? WELP, Houston, we have a problem. We were located right at the door so me, the easily distracted one, kept running out to take pictures of folks! Hahahahahaaaa. I grabbed a few folks and got the sale process going with the charm and Susan closed the deal with the details. Dynamic duo we were. 😜 Now let me show you why I couldn’t focus. I swear I was star struck, every time I looked up I was like wait I know you! I was all aint that the lady that knits the food? The five artist, or O M GAWD that’s WestKnits, yea I was a mess. Everyone was so very nice and would stop and talk and most importantly take pics! Here ha go

Nancy Marchant


Madame Tricot


Olga J A Z Z Y


Stephen West


Julia Farwell-Clay

Can you say fiber heaven?! I was such a groupie, I had to remind myself I was there to work. Click on the picture for more details about these folks.

I am still surprised when I hear someone say “GG, I follow you on IG, or like this lady that said I inspired her to learn knitting ☺️. So here are a few pics of fiber friends





I had a blast!! sore feet and all!! I will be back with more.

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on