Well, because I am lazy.  Yea that’s it!  One of my biggest fears when I started knitting was making socks. The needles were so tiny and after I finished one I had to do it all over again? Say it with me “Honey bunches of NOPE!”  I am a founding member of #teamlazyashell. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Insert Liat of KnitFreedom, her tutorials on YouTube set me free. In my head she was my KNITPRAH (knitting Oprah) You can Knit 2 at a time, you can knit two at a time,  we all can knit TWO AT A DAYUM TIME!!!!


Imagine the concept of being done, when you are done and not having to go back!! Yes I love Liat and if I ever meet her..I will kiss her in the mouth! YUP! The  Knitfreedom YT channel  is where I learned to knit two at a time. Actually July 2012 is when I made my first socks using her Toe-up-heel-flap sock pattern  I didn’t own a cable long enough to try two at a time then, but when I got my hands on one, it was all systems GO!!

Now, anything that I need to make two of….you got it, they are done at once..so the sleeves on my Vivienne Cardigan from Wool and he gang..yup 2ATT <—-Acronym for two at a time. LOL! I am currently making boot cuffs and yup 2ATT 🙂

Here is how you do it in pictures 🙂

NOTE: you will need 2 separate balls of yarn as you will be doing everything twice, but at once. Wait does that make sense? Oh just look at the pictures. hahahahahahahahaahahahaha



It’s that simple, when working on flat pieces. You just continue in that fashion until your pattern is complete and bind off as directed.  When I do socks I will come and show you how it works in the round. My tip on how to keep your yarn from getting all tangled up is to turn your yarn when you turn your work. This way you can remain sane. See below how my yarn is not fighting with each other? Yea that is the way I like it!

IMG_3017Knit on my fiber friends….Knit on