I am so very excited about the first spotlight of the year. I met this young man and his family during my stay in California last winter. I featured his mom, and now that I think on it, as my very first Saturday spotlight. His mom is the talent behind Bold Creations Crochet and my friend 🙂

I was scrolling through FB one day and saw a pic Kim posted. I slowed down and paid attention because she said this was her son’s work, Wes. I was instantly proud and all “get it Wes!” my inner cheerleader surfaced. I then responded “I want one”  and then I was like wait…I wonder if he would like to be featured?

yess He said yes!!! So ladies, gents and handmade lovers near and far…here is Wes

Hello sweetheart! I am so excited you agreed to be featured. Let’s start here, tell me about Wes, help me introduce you to the readers

Well I am Wesley Gray a 14 and a half year old son and brother. I love video games, reading, cooking/eating lol and paracord jewelry making.

Ok, hi Wes! only 14 and starting a business, how Awesome is that!! You said cooking and eating, I am sure your mom is happy you are willing to cook. LOL! Well you starting answering my next question , you are making jewelry, tell me more.

Well WesCord The Quintessential Paracorder! is the business I have started. I make bracelets, watches, key-fobs/key chain, ink pens, and necklaces. I was wanting to craft with my mom. She taught me how to crochet a chain and single crochet and I made some necklaces and bracelets. I just really wasn’t getting into it as much as I would have like to so I was looking for something new.

IMG_0090 IMG_0091 IMG_0092 IMG_0093

I am sure someone said a family that crafts together, or something like that. LOL! I love the name, very catchy. I love that you wanted to craft with your mom, wait, hold on while I wipe this tear. That is so sweet,  how is business going?

Business is going slow but steady. I have to find ways to get my craft seen.

Steady is good and I hope this feature will help with getting you seen. I already placed my order!! Woot Woot! Social media is a great way to get out there, try instagram, pictures are worth a thousand words or at least that is what I heard. What do you find the most challenging when making your product?

I think finding a good place to get some materials. Like the colors and nice buckles. I have to get things online they have the better quality stuff. It is hard to find things in your local craft stores.

Yes the internet is vast, I am sure you will be able to find more variety , good luck. How does your family feel about you being an entrepreneur?

They love it! My parents are both entrepreneurs and I have leaned from them both. They are very supportive and I am so thankful to have them.

Aww I love you guys!!! Wes I wish you he best of luck and when I get my watch I will be sure to post a review. I am so excited for you, thanks for taking the time to talk with me.

POW how is that for the first spotlight? Wescord is on Facebook, check him out.