Hey guys! I know it’s late…but daily posts right? RIGHT!! Besides posting daily one of the other goals includes trying to design, lol because try is what I am currently doing. 😳


I have always wanted to make boot cuffs and I figured now is as good a time to try. I eyeballed a few patterns, took some notes and got to knitting.

The first attempt, well let’s just say I made an anklet for an elephant 👀 🙈 After I stopped laughing at myself, I simply knit back and forth and used my leg to measure; there that’s better.


Now that I have the basic formula I am trying different stitches. I have my handy dandy stitch dictionary and American Idol to get me through the night. I will come back with the results.

What are you working on? Let’s discuss in the comments.

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on