So remember the hat that was free until the end of the month? The hat that I found the yarn in my stash that I didn’t even remember I had? Yea that hat. Well after I finished I said I wanted a cowl to match.  Although I have a pile of handmade knits that I keep in rotation; what I don’t have many of is matching sets. When you see me with hats on it’s usually the hat I messed up. I have the island of misfit hand knits in my bedroom. Hahahahaahahahahaaaa!!!

Insert my issue..the hat didn’t have a cowl pattern soooo what did I do? I figured it out!! I doubled the co and then followed the hat pattern. Woot Woot Go GG Go!!


I didn’t touch it yesterday, *record scratch* Did you read that? I didn’t knit yesterday, at ALL!! Who does that? NOT me, that’s why I was in a funk. I needed to knit, but today, because it was snowing and the pics SHOULD be taken in the snow..I got to knitting! The dimensions are 17 inches wide and 12 inches deep, so it’s just enough. I didn’t even use 2 full skeins, just about, but not all! I didn’t block it because well, I am lazy AND I didn’t want to lose any of the bulk, so I left it as alone.

I put on a turtle neck sweater, tucked my pj pants (yes I was outside in the cold in my pjs) into my daughter’s Uggs, powdered my face and a mini photoshoot happened. Wait,  am I the only one that gets dressed, even partially, to take pics in the latest FO?

IMG_2900 IMG_2905 IMG_2910 IMG_2913 IMG_2920 _MG_6735

So here is how the cowl was born:

Needle: US15

CO 62 and then completed 3 repeats of the hat pattern (there is a link above) and ended with Row 1 then I finished by binding off in pattern. I am super happy with it and I now have a matching set.

NOTE: All selfies were taken with my handy dandy iPhone6+ and the pics of the set were taken with the Canon

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on