So you take 500 pictures and then you find 2 or 3 that you like (if you are lucky) now its time to jazz them up. If you are like me, every pic I see I am all “how’d they do that?”  what app did they use? or I wonder if I can do that? This is where the research comes in and how I found my favorites. I am going to share what I use on my Macbook as well as on my iPhone6+.

Again I say I am no pro by any means, I am the queen of try it, delete it, and try it again before I get THAT picture. What I do most often is crop, enhance, add text and/or make collages.

Web-based applications

PicMonkey – is an online photo editing and graphic design site that I love. PicMonkey will satisfy your need to edit, design, touch up or even create a collage. You have the basics at the free level and if you want to get fancy you can purchase a subscription as I did. The yearly subscription is $33.00. The picture above was done with Picmonkey.

Canva –  an online photo editing site that I love for a very specific reason and that is ability to drop your photos into completely editable templates. This helps when you are not a graphic designer but wants your pics to look like you are *wink wink*  The following picture was done with Canva

the winner

Both of these sites have wonderful Blogs from which I get the best tips ever! I am positive there are others but these are my tried and true.  Here are some pics, the original and the final edition. With this picture I rotated the picture and added text.



Phone Apps (these are strictly iPhone apps, but I think you can get them on Droid too)



1. Over – allows you to add beautiful text and artwork to your photos on the fly. I love this app because I can make my pictures pop when I am mobile. I use this on both my phone and iPad. This is free, but of course there are in-app purchasing available.

2. FotoRus – they describe this as the DO IT all photo collage and editing tool. GG agrees completely.  I love the preset templates that you can personalize. I almost always use this when I am making collages on the go

3. Photowall – is one of the first apps I fell in love with and still use it from time to time. What I like about this app is the ability to position the pictures where you want them, you have more control.

4. iPhoto – I love the new iOS because you access your photo apps without leaving iPhoto, so you enhance right within the app. BONUS!!

So here is what I do from my handy iPhone6+. You see how the added text makes such a difference? When I add text I almost always use Over because of the array of fonts. You have to purchase additional fonts and you can do that in-app.




or edit this to this, I cropped to bring the focus on the cowl, corrected the color and added font.



So there it is for me, trust me there are countless others that I just didn’t use as much. I guess it would only be fair to do a honarable mention

  • Jusgramm – use for instagram post
  • ABM – a beautiful mess
  • Squareready – I use this ALL the time to make photos Instagram ready. There is a video version too
  • VSCOcam – I hear great things about this app, so I downloaded but have yet to use it. If I do I will come back and let you know my thoughts.

Hopefully, you will find this post helpful.