One of the questions I get on a daily basis is “what do you use to take your pictures?” The generic answer is whatever is closest to me at the time. LOL! Ok, be more specific with details I decided to do this blog post.  The complete answer could be one of 3 devices: whatever iPhone I have at the time (I currently have the 6+), my recently acquired Samsung Galaxy camera or the Canon Rebel Xs (which actually belongs to my daughter)

NOTE: A camera is another obsession of mine, it’s a good thing I don’t do drugs because I am truly dedicated. LOL! 


1. The iPhone6+, well it’s the iPhone for crying out loud. Do you know how many hours I stayed up online to pre-order this baby? LOL. Honestly I crave the mobility Goldy gives me, yes I named my iPhone, what, you didn’t? I also enjoy the ability to edit and upload on the fly. Most of my pics are done with my iPhone6+ because well, it’s ALWAYS with me.  Here is  pic taken with my iPhone6+. UHM yeah that yarn and THAT hat…we’ll talk about that later.


2. The Samsung Galaxy camera I use because it has a 21x zoom capability. This is perfect when I do the craft shows and need to get close. It also has wifi capability so I can upload to Facebook and instagram right from the camera. It has a pretty decent edit capability as well. I got it on sale from Best Buy. I did some research because I knew someone would ask.

  • $349.99
  • Wi-Fi Camera with Android 4.3 for access to apps and sharing
  • 21x Optical Zoom for Great Shots Up Front and From a Distance
  • 4.8″ HD Super Clear Display – Huge Screen for Crisp and Beautiful

Here are some pics taken with the Samsung


3. The Canon Rebel XS is first and foremost my daughter’s camera..there I admitted it, you happy? LOL I want my own DSLR but why when she doesn’t use hers anymore. This is an older model so I couldn’t find many details. I used this when I really want to control the focus.

  • 219.95 used on B&
  • 10 Megapixel
  • 2.5″ LCD Monitor
  • 3.0 fps Continuous Shooting
  • Picture Style Settings
  • interchangeable lens capability

Here are some pics taken today with the Canon

IMG_6716 IMG_2833Ok so let me say this..after the pic is taken the editing begins and that is a different post. I promise to come back with the editing tools I use, whether on my phone, laptop or iPad. Another thing comes to mind while writing this and that is this..keep snapping. What I mean is take as many pics as you can and then pic your favorites. My brother always says I get the best pics of my nephew. Man, the way the little boy stays on the move, I snap a 100 pics before I get 1 that I like. LOL!


I hope this helps someone, please know I am no pro, I simply try and see what I get. I delete more than I save, trust me it is trial and error. Just go for it!