I am a yarnho, yes I am…and these LYS and ETSY owners are all my PIMPS! There I said and I am proud of it. Right before Christmas I had a request to make a hat to match a cowl that was up on my shop. Well of course I didn’t have that yarn any more. The yarn was Brown Sheep Burly Spun in the colorway strawberry patch. This yarn I purchased while in California at the tail end of 2013 and I hadn’t seen it locally. Of course one of my pimps carried the brand and ordered the color I wanted; thank you Karen (owner of Do Ewe Knit)

We all know I am currently without work, so the purchasing of yarn is not an option, unless order related. Right? but of course. I was ONLY getting what I ordered to satisfy the customer, ha!! Didn’t I say I was a yarnho? Well I am dedicated, obsessed even, so when my eye spotted this yarn right here all senses dulled. Common sense left the building…


And yup, I purchased it! I sure did, I mean how could I not. So let’s talk about this stunning yarn. The label says it stripes through 32 hand dyed colors that do not repeat O-o. I was all over that, I had to , didn’t I? I know you are shaking your head yes right now. :p Here are the details:

  • Price – $36
  • Fiber content – minimally processed merino cross wool <—all of that means it’s soft as HELL!!
  • Yardage – 128 yards
  • Weight – 4.1 oz
  • Recommended needle size – US 10-13 (I am a gangster I used 19)
  • Source – handmade by Folktale Fibers. I got mine from a LYS but they have a shop on ETSY 

I only purchased one skein so off to Ravelry I run, because I am certain someone had made something with this sexy fiber. I found 45 projects and loved how the colors presented themselves.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 11.17.57 AM


This time of year I rarely make anything for myself as I am usually busy with the shop. Last night I finished a piece I plan to post and was winding down for the evening and the skein was sitting there looking at me. In my mind is was sliding across the table towards me, compelling me to make something with it right now!!! Hahahahahaha I know you are laughing, but I am so serious.

I decided to do basic stockinette and knit until I was left with enough to bind off and seam. Every time the color changed my heart beat sped up, I am so very happy with the outcome. I need to get dressed and take some pics in it! This scarf will definitely be in rotation. You wanna see it? ok here it goes…



IMG_2811 20150102_025036 IMG_2808Ain’t she pretty? This yarn is unbelievably soft..I mean I just want to rub it all over my face. Yes it is a bit pricey, but I would absolutely purchase it again.

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on