“SUCCESS|People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing” ~Dale Carnegie


So I should be independently wealthy! LOL I knit with the yarn I ADORE and I get to take pics so you all can see it, what more can I yarnho/wannabephotograhper ask for? NOTHING! I am absolutely having fun, now to turn that into an income, that’s the trick 🙂

Here we are in a new year, with a clean slate,and a fresh start; a start that I welcome. Most of my crafting goals surround my knitting/yarn obsession. Wether that goal pertained to stepping up my blog game or my knitting game; I plan to improve, to do more and to do better.

Blog Goals

*post daily – which will require discipline and preparation on my part. I can do that, I just need to do it!

*increase participation – I want to provide a blog you all want to read and interact with, so I will be asking questions as to what you want to read about.

Knitting Goals

*learn design – if you didn’t know I will use a pattern as a skeleton so to speak and then I run with my imagination. What I want to learn is the science behind the design, for example, how to convert a stitch to be worked in the round. How many stitches I need to cast on (oh I hate math btw, pray for me) what needle should be used, etc.

I tweeted about this very thing today and the response I got is the reason I love my fiber friends. I was told to just grab some yarn, make a swatch and take good notes. So I think I am ready guys. I have a new notebook, my new iPad Air and more than enough yarn.

Etsy Goals

*improve GGmadeitbyhand – This goal is directly connected to the design thingy..because what I want for my ETSY shop is that signature piece. That item that makes folks say “That’s from GGmadeitbyhand” I am currently all over the place and want to do better. I believe if I fine tune what it is you can get from GG, the more folks will come and spend.

I know the whole resolution thing gets old, but this is not that. I read a quote that I love today.

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way; if you don’t , you’ll find an excuse ” ~Jim Rohn

What are your goals for this year?

Knit on my fiber friends..knit on