Guys!! I got two more boxes of yarn from my fibergodmommy! What a blessing! I have been knitting my knuckles off…



She sent me some fabulous yarn. That first pic is Feza yarns plantino and I just did a basic garter stitch and oh yea!

The second was done with Malabrigo chunky, I had the navy and she gifted the gold…that pattern comes from Purlbee and its called Garter Gaiter. Oh so lovely and easy to make

Then my order of Burly Spun came in, so to the yarn store I went. It’s so hard when you have a store owner who pays attention to your likes. Karen from Do ewe knit, knows what I live and she gets me every time.


Did I tell you all I am no good in a yarn store? I feel it is my duty to purchase yarn. I mean I simply MUST! What type of yarnHo can control themselves in the presence of yarn? Not me!


This is called Orange you happy and well damn it I had to get it! My favorite color is orange and its bulky too, tuh home with me it came😝 oh and that self striping yarn from Yarnbow 😍😍

Now I have to knit 4 scarves for my daughter as gifts. She just told me the other day, yup wait til the last minute why don’t you.

Are you all done with your holiday crafting?

Knit on my fiber friends….knit on