Have I shared with you all that I am a APPLE fanatic? I have all Apple products, phone, computer, iPad and one day when life turns around I will get the TV. So since the most of the free world has an iPhone, it seems my power cords always grow legs and walk away. I have often confronted folks by saying “excuse me, that is my cord” and I am almost always told “no, this is mine I was just charging my phone” I know better especially since mine is now amongst the missing. What is the appropriate time frame before I can file a dang police report? I am tired of replacing cords, because I swear folks take mine right out of the outlet. I guess I should stop leaving them in the outlet right? Well if they didn’t put it there then leave it there, I mean that’s stealing isn’t it?

I know you all know that I do NOT throw away yarn, right? I mean why should I and who does that anyway? You have yarn and you don’t know what to do with it? Just ask I will give of my mailing address freely. LOL!

By now you are saying WHAT on God’s green earth are you babbling about GG. Well I figured out a crafty way to solve my problem. Well I saw this on Pinterest awhile back and catslapit I am tired of replacing cords, so I took some scrap yarn and crocheted it around my power cord. I double dog dare you to say it’s yours now…go ahead, try it and see how THAT works for you. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA