Who stops dead in her tracks for anything that is knitted? I can’t be. LOL I am constantly looking at knitted items and thinking. I can make this, so NOPE I will not purchase it. This past Friday I got together with a few friends and we went into Manhattan for dinner and holiday sights!

IMG_2104Although it rained the entire time, we had a great time. In Bryant Park the pop up shops had a few vendors with handmade knits and we were looking for a hat for Mr Ford. He couldn’t let them dreads get soaking wet. This fool said “GG, come in here and count these stitches so you can make this hat!” hahahahahahahahahaha I love my friends. He only calls me GG when talking about yarn or knitting. LOL!! ย They are always looking out for me, Charlise said “do you charge enough, this hat is $30 how much are yours?” LOVE them you hear me, with all I have! ย So as we looked at the windows and stopped in stores here and there; I kept hearing “Gaye, can make that, put it down!” LOL!

So I have 2 questions:

1. AM I the only one that looks at hand knits with the intention of recreating?

2. Do your friends support your love of the fiber crafts?

Let’s discuss in the comments.

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on