This will be quick and to the point. Bernat Mega Bulky Yarn I was in Michaels Craft Store to get…wait for it…Y A R N!! The Thick n Quick was on a 2fer sale, so yea I know I said I wasn’t buy anymore yarn…could you guys focus please? Thank you! OK, ok back to this chunky yumminess, it comes in 7 colors and I got 6. What? I know one of these post I said this was a judge free zone, so don’t be looking at me like that. Well is this better? Look at it!


And now that you are no longer giving me that look, I will also share that I made 6 hats yesterday…get up, no fainting until you see them. LOL

IMG_2053Guys, you know I must go get more right? They retail for $9.99 normally but were on sale for $6.99, the color I didn’t get was cream or off white…but I plan to grab it. I did this hat on my Lantern Moon US17s and they were flying off the needle. They didn’t have much of it left, so now I have to hit the other Michaels in my area…I didn’t see them in ACmoore so I assume they don’t carry the line.

Now back to the hats, I tried to make a pom pom and uh yea, NOPE..not so much. I need to practice, so because I used some of the yarn, the light grey hat came out a little short.


The beauty in the batched attempt at a hat is this….I can keep it and wear it on the back of my head. Am I cute? I think so :p The full hat is deeper and covers more head space. Six hats in a day, oh yeah this is definitely a favorite. Do you have any new found favorites?


Knit on my fiber friends….knit on