IMG_1966 yes I am a grown woman and I still write letters to Santa. I mean I am basically an open book, yet I still hear “I don’t know what to get Gaye for Christmas” REALLY people? Me, the one who dreams of being an octopus so I can have more arms to knit with? I mean, why give yourself a headache, trying to find something “different” when I give hints ALL DAY EVERY DAY!! Newsflash: I like to knit, so all knitting related items work. OK?

To make it even more simple, since it’s December 1st and all, I have created a list with links. I know, I am so clever :p AND this might help you with the knitter in your life. You can thank me later.

My Christmas Wishlist (in pictures and NOT in order of importance)

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Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 10.36.41 AM


So here are the details in the order the pictures are posted.

1. KnitWit Magazine subscription – yes a magazine would make me smile.

2. PomPom Magazine subscription – another magazine that  I would drool over. See it doesn’t have to me major to be significant.

3. The Bookhou Bucket Tote – because one could never ever have too many project bags AND it’s cute!

4. PurlSoho Super soft Merino – well did you read the title of the blog? It says yarnho so this should be a no-brainer

5. LoopyMango Big Loop Yarn Merino Minis – ok wait, before you say, “now you have lost your mind” these are the minis so totally affordable AND I can make those cute hats :p

6. Go-Girl Knitting GIANTS – I have the baby Giants but I so want to make one of those huge blankets.

7. Crazy Sexy Wool from Wool and the Gang – because, first of all, the name says it’s crazy sexy and I have used it, this wool IS sexy as hell! I mean any of the kits from WATG will result in a full on kiss in the mouth. You have been warned.

8. Etsy Giftcard – because ALL the yarn on ETSY makes my heart sing

9. Signature Needles – just because, I mean have you seen them? Now this gift is from someone who truly LOVES me. LOL!

I am going to stop here, but I will throw names like  out Malabrigo, Madelinetosh, and Briar Rose Fibers, just to name a few *Wink Wink*

Knit on my fiber friends, knit on….