iKnit, well Duh I do that anyway..but I mean snow just screams handmade knitwear don’t you agree? I mean you have to put on warm Handmade socks, grab your favorite mug and fill it with your beverage of choice. I am a tea lover, but what ever gets you going; grab your needles and make some magic. I woke up to find the weather prediction is now reality. Let it snow….


IMG_1817So I put the sweet potatoes in the oven to roast. I am trying something different this year for my pies. I normally boil them, but I am told baking them leaves the flavor in the potato vs. the water. I was taught to make sweet potato pie the old-fashioned way.


Me: how much milk do I need Moma?

Moma: enough to make the pie the right color

Me: O-o

Moma: what? pour the milk, mix it, there, that is enough.

My pies come out perfect every time. LOL but I can only “show” you how to make them, because I have the Mary Glasspie measuring system down to a science. I guess one day I should take actual measurements. Then I will go chop up my veggies, prep the Turkey Breast (it’s only Shelbey and I, so waste not) and of course I will knit. I have a Cowl on the needles now that I will finish. I think I will add some hats to the mix.


This time of year can be hard for me, being that both my parents are gone..so lots of knitting will happen round here, because knitting soothes this ravaged soul.


Me and my US19s and some bulky yarn have been having a blast. No real pattern. I am just casting on and knitting or purling my way through the skein. One delivers a decent cowl, actually 2 of them sold before I got a chance to post them on ETSY. Thank you Jesus. I am currently unemployed so every little bit helps!

The balance of the day, what does that look like did you say? Well after I hit this epic nap (I have a cold and the medicine won) I will knit and cook, cook and knit and hide my heart in my yarn. Oh and watch food network, and the Christmas shows.

Last year was the 2nd holiday season without them and I was a wreck. I mean headunderthecovers type wreck. My daughter told me this year..I am to get my act together, she wants the holidays. Soooooo she wants the holidays and that is what she will get. I have learned to take a bathroom break when my emotions win the battle. I got this…knit, cook, cry, knit some more. I will knit through it, yea ma’am I will, I always do.

IMG_1818Knit on my fiber friends, knit on…..