That moment when you open a bag that has been in your room for quite some time. That bag that you are so very sure has yarn in it, but you just never looked in that bag, you know what I mean? OR that moment you go in your daughter’s room and find left over Wool and the Gang Crazy Sexy wool. First WHO doesn’t use every drop of this magnificent yarn, who I say? Then I use to have a subscription to Yarnbox and I am working hard to be able to get it back…I have some yummy stuff thanks to that subscription.

I am out of work, so it’s operation knit ALL the yarn, because I can’t afford to feed my stash…so I am knitting up EVERYTHING. Don’t get close to me, I may knit you! LOL!

Here I will let you see the beauties I discovered today:

Also from Darn Good Yarn and it's recycled silk ribbon
From  Darn Good Yarn and it’s recycled silk ribbon
This purple goodness is called Lux Adventure Recycled Silk Yarn | Darn Good Yarn


This beauty has been discontinued. It comes from Darn Good Yarn

Oh and I can’t forget my beloved Wool and the Gang…I can’t believe I had Crazy Sexy Wool just laying around…who does that? I grabbed my US19s and went to work. MUSTKNITALLTHEYARN



Do you ever come across yarn you forgot you had? Is that a sign that I need professional help? :p

Knit on my fiber friends….knit on