Last time we met I said, sometimes you have to start all over again and I showed how I took something apart and made something different. Well I did it again. I have always wanted to make one of the big Giant hats and woot woot I did it guys! And if you are so inclined you can do it too…the pattern can be found here  with a video tutorial to boot.


I went to Loopy Mango for the first time in the winter of 2012. Oh it was just wonderful. I had already ordered from them via ETSY, I had the needles, the US50s to be exact. Because have your seen the pictures they post on the World Wide Web? Just sex in the form of yarn, I tell you and I kept looking and kept wanting; but the yarn was always a little bit out of my range. Well I went in that store and lost my whole mind. I still blush when I think of what I spent that day. I mean seriously I had a mini crush on this stuff I couldn’t leave without demonstrating  my utter infatuation, could I? I mean if for no other reason other than it matched my coat dang it. Yea that is what I STILL tell myself to justify that fiberspree

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 9.31.47 PMThere is something about sitting down for an hour or less and ending up with a statement piece. This yarn creates pieces that are bold, not just anyone can pull it off. So yeah I had to get it and I am so very pleased with the recycled version.

I was just there again like a month ago and I behaved, I didn’t buy anything. We went because my girlfriend was in town and she wanted to go. So this was about her, not me…although that coat they had on display

IMG_0614and all the colors….my goodness the temptation was too much! My yarn senses were tingling. I just wanted to back a truck up and take it all!! Ahh the dreams of a yarn addict,  one day….one day.


And because he is so cute and he had to put the hat on..I leave you will my nephew, the GQ model. LOL Work it Jordan, Work it!



Knit on my friends…knit on