Am I the only one that looks at the early handmade stuff and think “I remember when I couldn’t do that?” Well in honor of throwback Thursday I pulled out the first cowl I made, circa 2011

The pattern is Knit Ridge Cowl by Lion brand and it was my first attempt at purling in the round. This is also around the time my yarn crush began

I was in awe of the brilliant colors. They were bright and fun and yes I had to make something to showcase the Yum! This yarn came from Loopyarn in Philadelphia, PA. Yup the very same place I had the pleasure of finally visiting this past Sunday. The yarn is called Sheep 1 yarn and has since been discontinued 😞 I was so very proud of myself when I finished this baby. Every time I wear it someone asks if I want to sell it 👀 and my answer is ……all the NOPES in Nopeville


Do you have a piece you made back in the day that makes you beam with pride? Do tell

Knit on my fiber friends, knit on….