Ya’ll know I LOVE to knit and for someone who doesn’t I can be annoying as hell! Yup I know there are other things in the world to discuss and well, so! I wanna and am gonna talk yarn and knitting, ALL THE TIME! Insert this woman right here, the one and only Teresa Williams or Crochetme1 (her IG name)

We met at Morgan State University in 1984 and became fast friends. As fate would have it, life took us in different directions but imagine my delight when we discovered we had crocheting in common. Lol you have to hear her tell the story about me abusing her as I taught her how to knit. 😆 lies, all lies I tell you!

Anyway, she is the reason I am yarnho, she took me to my first LYS (local yarn store) Knitknack, in Maplewood NJ and baby, I lost my whole mind. Yup it’s her fault! So as you can imagine, the two of us at a yarn store/fair/crawl/walk are dangerous

Yes she made the vest she is wearing and these things too




Love having someone who understands my crazy.

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on