So I  find a yarn in my stash that I have no idea where I got it from.  I mean I normally keep the tags so I can tell folks when asked. All I remember about this one is I got it from the NJ Fiber Arts Festival last year (2013) and I remember she only had one skien..but the colors..I had to have it. Anyway I knit up said yarn, because well I MUST knit at all times AND someone ask “is that for someone?” and I say “no, I am going to put it up for sale” and they say “SOLD!” Now all of that is good UNTIL I finish and I want to keep it!


To infinity and beyondNow I am on the hunt. LOL I need more of this yarn NOW!! LOL I didn’t think, well yea I clearly didn’t think. I can’t NOT sell it now and I so want to keep it! LOL That’s what I get for knitting in public. It’s nobody’s business! hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha! Knitting is private dayumit!

UPDATE: As I was typing this post I found the fabulous person I got this magnificent yarn from her name is Laura Spinner and her shop is called Rainbow Twist Shop on Etsy. Soon you all know I will be getting more of said yarn..right?


Knit on my fiber friends, knit on