Have you ever been inspired by a picture you come across on Pinterest or Tumblr? I mean you stroll through the internets with that goal in mind right? I mean my pins and my favorites on Ravelry are all FULL of whenigrowupimmamakethis. Is that not the case with every one or am I strange?

For me there is inspiration and then there is the distractions. That picture that makes you nearly jam your finger clicking it. As you pant out of breathe from typing so damn fast and hard. You know the one that makes you look like this
Well that happened today. I woke up grabbed the iPhone (I am currently man deficient, so…. 😐) the first app that my eyes fell upon was tumblr and the pic from NordicDesign had me banging on my precious iPhone6+. Wait that’s the problem, this big glorious screen πŸ˜† ok see how easily distracted I am? The pic was of, well let me show youIMG_1501.PNG




Need I say more? I mean you all know I want to drop everything and make pillows and blankets and change my room COMPLETELY, right? You know I am going to wear Siri out searching for pillow making patterns. I mean I can double up some Cozy wool grab my big needles and go for it, right?
What inspires or distracts you?

Have a crafty day my fiber friends 😘