I opened up my ETSY shop again. So me,  some super bulky hand painted yarn, US50 needles AND a couple of hours = instant gratification. I am the CEO of #teamlazyashell so I love bulky, chunky yarn and some big needles. Yes I do indeed.

So here is the deal,  I need you guys help. I need to name my two latest cowls/thingy as I will be updating the shop. This is where I always struggle, with the description and the name. So help please…here is what I made over the last 2 days. The first one is actually lavender and it’s a big lofty cowl or could be a caplet because it will definitely go down over your shoulders.


The second one is big infinity scarf because it will allow you to double it up. I want catchy cute names for them..what do you guys think?



Thank you all in advance, for your suggestions. Love you mean it!