The connection

It’s Friday morning, I am on the train platform waiting for my train. As usual I have my Fringe Supply & Co bag full. On this day it’s full of completed projects that didn’t sell last season. I had a few folks at the location I am currently assigned ask what I had to sell and since the shop isn’t  open, I took in some things. A woman walks up and says “oh that is nice, whatever it is” I smile and proceed to tell her what I had in the bag. (a cowl, a shawl and some other GGmadeit items) She then says “did you make them?”  “did you make what you are wearing too?” You guys know I love saying “yes! I made it :)”


We both confessed our addictive love to yarn. She went on to say that she is a Freelance designer and proceeded to give me my entire fiber life. I told her about my ETSY shop and she proceeded to tell me why I should NOT have it closed..because the seasons in the US have nothing to do with seasons other places in the world. And I quote “just because its hot as hell here….” I loved this woman immediately. Of course I didn’t have a business card but she did and her name is Elise, but I told her that her middle name is now Angel because God sent her to me. She is also a fashion writer and winter accessories is a small segment she covers. I hate that I didn’t take a pic of her, but as soon as I send this post I am going to email her. I mean anyone sitting near us on the train would have thought we were old friends. We hugged when I got off and all because I had a bag full of handmade items.


My Fiber Network

I have met some wonderful people on this fiber journey. I mean is it me or are folks that are crafty just super nice? I don’t care where I am, if I have my yarn out folks talk to me. I am so very happy I met Elise and I look forward to absorbing some of her expertise. She said she has been in the business 25 years and imagine we just happen to meet.

The other day I was in Joann’s in Long Island with a friend. (I am teaching her to knit) and I hear “GG, is that you?” I turn to this huge smile and she said I follow you on Instagram. I love my fiber friends. They help me, teach me and inspire me. Yarn I swear it has woven some folks right into my heart.

I mean I have been in yarn stores all over and made friends in each stop. I thank God for the internet and the ability to stay connected to my fiber friends.

Can anyone relate?