If you Think you can’t
In my opinion I am a fairly new knitter and therefore certain projects are for folks that can knit. I mean I never tried to knit because I was so sure I couldn’t. I mean it looks so polished and professional and not like anything I could do, right? RIGHT! As long as I kept hanging out with my pal self doubt.

I learned to crochet first and for years all I would do is the safe things. Like a scarf or blanket and no fancy stitches either. All because I didn’t think I could.

When you decide you can
I started knitting while still working as a Call Center Manager. We were cleaning out the prize closet and found these little scarf kits. The kit contained a ball of yarn, the needles and instructions to make a scarf. My curiosity was peaked, so I gave it a shot. I couldn’t quite get the instructions so off to YouTube I went. This is where I learned and still learn to improve my skills. I didn’t photograph that series of knots and dropped stitches. 😕 It was a nightmare, so much so that I should have stopped but I didn’t.

It’s truly a good thing that I don’t do drugs, because I have such an addictive personality. When I fall in love I fall hard, so when I tell you knitting and yarn is my Babe, believe me. 😉 Anyway, the channels I fell in love with and still frequent to this day on YouTube are Knit Freedom and KnitsbyJudy. There are others but that is a different post. Those ladies posted tutorials that I could follow and we were off to the races. Below is my first hat and scarf set.


I wasn’t confident in my knitting so I stopped until I saw Jasmine making a hat at work. Omg! I begged her to make me one and she promptly said NO! YOU make it!


After the shock wore off. I was like “Jas I can’t do that!” to which she replied go to Michael’s and get this stuff (hands me a list). Of course I did as instructed because I am a good student and this my fiber friends was my first real hat, complete with ribbed band and seed stitch body, Ha! 😊



With Each project I became more and more confident. When I told myself I could do it, I DID and I can’t stop.