So I told you all about this yarn I found on Instagram in this post. It was hand-dyed by Nicole Frost and I think I love her. I mean I was so eager to watch these colors come together that I just started knitting. I didn’t have a goal, or a pattern or what I was planning on making (dumb move) but I just started knitting. Should I seek medical attention? Anyway I knit until I ran out of or almost ran out of yarn and I seamed it and this is what happened:



IMG_1246So I am satisfied right? I should be ok for a few days right? I mean I have enough yarn to last a lifetime so I am good right? WELL any sane person would say yes…but a sane person, a person with an addiction to yarn wouldn’t /couldn’t say yes to that question. I mean enough that statement even grammatically correct? I mean I saw this and OMG…well just look:

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 12.25.16 AM

This beauty comes from a site called Darby Smart and they are absolutely smart because they got my I don’t have by the way. OH please sign me up for therapy..I need help!! I’ll just knit until it’s time to be cured, ok? OK!!! šŸ™‚