I am sure you are all saying “uh, yea we KNOW that GG” but it’s not as simple as those three words.

Sing with me “how many ways, I love youuuu! You just don’t know”


Last we met I was pondering what to work on next because a day without yarn 😳 a day without the soothing rhythm of my needles transforming said yarn into “Omg that’s beautiful, where did you get it?”


Yea, we avoid that at all cost, because I absolutely love being able to say “I made it!! Out of the two yarns I shared in the last post, I completed a slouchy hat for the daughter. Can we talk about this mink yarn for a minute? I don’t know what I expected, but the sheer joy I experienced was welcomed. It’s delicate so I kept feeling like I would break it or the stitch wouldn’t present well and NOPE and Nope. I have another skein in red, just gotta figure out what to do 😊


I am currently having my mind blown as I watch this hand dyed yarn unfold. It’s a thick/thin yarn which delivers the texture I love AND the colors are spectacular! I found this beauty on Instagram and her name is Nicole Frost. I almost broke my fingers trying to get this skein before it sold.


I am getting so many inquiries about this yarn. The main being what is it called and I honestly didn’t know. I reached out to Nicole and she said “we have some pretty spectacular sunsets in California and that inspired me.” Then she typed California Sunset and I said Yes! Because I mean look at it unfold. Can you see the sky as the sun prepares to leaves us for the night? Can you? I can and it’s heavenly. I can’t wait to see the next color so even though I’m sick 😕 iKnit