Hey family!

Well my yarn came the Monday after Rhinebeck and because I was mad I left it on the mail pile. I mean I had already started the Hen Plaid Wrap so yea, I didn’t even open it.

I waited until the weekend and decided to finish up. I took the partial Neck completely out because I hadn’t picked up the proper number of stitches anyway. I mean if I’m gonna finish and there is no longer a rush, may as well do it as instructed. So after I ripped it out I had a 2×2 ribbing party.

I knit most of Saturday away and I was just fine with that. My description of the perfect weekend includes tons of yarn, PJs, my DVR and take out. I did all of that and will not apologize about it. I ordered two more skeins so the plan was to use them both. I ended Saturday night at this point


Sunday, I’ll get up and do some house work, right? NOPE. I threw breakfast together and grabbed the Cape and headed to the sofa. It was football and knitting for me. Did I tell you all that no matter what my world presents when I am creating I am in my happy place? I did? Oh…
I went to bed after all of my shows on ABC and the last of Sunday night football. At this point I was so very sure that I would love the cowl neck better

I still had some rounds to knit so I threw it in my fringe supply Co project bag and k2p2’d all the way to Brooklyn.

My class went to lunch and that 60 minutes was all I needed and the rest as they say is history. I wore it home and I couldn’t be more proud.


I tend to doubt myself, but I did this and I love it


Now what to do next????? *stares at bag of yarn on bedroom floor*