The last time I was here I was super excited about started my City Cape. As indicated in the last post, I carried it with me everyplace and worked on it every opportunity I could, which included the subway.

IMG_0824StitchesEast came and went and I didn’t attend (life issues) I decided I was going to Rhinebeck AND I was wearing my cape. Operation “get ER done” was in effect and I was knitting like my life depending on it!


I was so very sure I needed more yarn. I did a gauge and had to go up a needle size so yea, more yarn. It was set to arrive on Friday…Rhinebeck is on Saturday..I can do this, right?


I wasn’t sure about the I-cord edging since I had never done that before, but thank the cyber Gods for YouTube and Purlbee.  I got that done and all that was left was the neck…I could do that right? Of course I could as long as my yarn was here when I got home from work. The plan was to knit as much as I could at work (during breaks and such) and then pull an all nighter, if need be. I even got a comment from Purlbee themselves on my Instagram 😛 All was right in the world.


I mean that is the rule right? You make something to wear to Rhinebeck, I mean I am newbie so that is what I was reading all over social yeah I was knitting like a crazy person. I was all on track, picked up the stitches for the neck, although I don’t think I picked up enough, but dang it I was moving at a great pace. I got to the end of the yarn Friday during lunch break and that was cool because my yarn would be in the house when I got there. Right?IMG_0875WRONG!!! how about I checked the tracking only to find out that UPS had some sort of delay and my date was changed to Monday IMG_0827

Wait, WHAT?? I mean I am not finished…I HAVE to wear this to Rhinebeck..WHAT am I going to do now? When I tell you I was about to cry, Real tears, right in front of my students. I love them, they were like “where is it, lets go get it!” FIELD TRIP! hahahahahahahahaha. So I went to my BFF and asked her what I should do, she said and I quote “you better pull that string through and make a bow, and wear that thing girl!!” another suggestion was to wear another cowl with it. Don’t you just love your Fiberfriends? <—–yes that is a friend type, don’t judge me.

When I got home I pulled out the cowls that I felt would look good and the modeling began. My daughter is so patient with me, sometimes O-o


I took both cowls with me as I didn’t know what the weather would bring and I wanted to be prepared…because YES I wore my not completely finished Cape and was a hit! So many folks stopped me and gave compliments. Woot Woot! I will come back with the finished Cape as soon as my yarn arrives. IMG_0954My Rhinebeck review up next…