Hello my Fiber Friends,

It was Saturday morning, it’s raining, it’s cold soooo I ran in the kitchen made me a cup of oatmeal, grabbed my knitting and hit the sofa! That’s how I do a lazy Saturday round these parts.

You may or may not know that I travel to Brookly EVERYDAY on the trains/subway and boy oh boy I am easily doing a 12 hour day. SOOOO that takes away from my knitting time. Who has time for that?billcosbyI know I sure don’t! In my last post I told you all I finally went to Purl Soho and as a result I am working on the City Cape using the recommended yarn Alpaca Pure. Ok, ok, OKAY, YES it’s a little expensive, BUT and there is always a but…this is for me 🙂 The one who makes her way back n forth to Brooklyn everyday..braving the crowds in Penn Station and let’s not add the subway IMG_0517*giggles* Yea I blew the budget but OMG it felt like sex, (so here you ask, why is she always referring to sex? Can’t she think of anything else to use as reference? and the answer is I can but I WON’T hahahahahahahaha) Anyway back to the reason I am writing this post. Wait..oh yea my current project *sits up straight and gets serious*

IMG_0620Last weekend my Angela came for a visit because she wanted to go to Loopy Mango (I taught here to knit so look out world) and since Purl Soho was right around the corner, we went for a visit. I had just posted the link to the City Cape on my Facebook page and everyone agreed it should be made. NOW, I have always wanted to visit Purl Soho so here we go….I got in there and they had a sample of the Cape, look at God (don’t cha love Orange is the New Black?)

IMG_0747Anyway I put it on and that was it….I HAD to have one in THAT exact yarn…so fast forward to this weekend…and my long days, so no time to knit, right? Ha!! When GG is determined, she finds a way…I have been knitting every chance I get, on the train platform, on the subway, while my students are on a 15 minute break..I said EVERY minute, didn’t I?

IMG_0748That bag? Yeah that baby is from Fringe & Co...go get you one.

I even did a swatch, which I NEVER do. Meera would be proud of me, but I figured since I splurged I may as well make sure it’s right.

IMG_0687I am a little over 9 inches into the project and I am in love. The slipped stitches are just what you need for this NOT to be boring. This yarn generates a stitch definition that is making me look at MY knitting and say well DAYUM, you are good girl. I mean my skills are improving, but this yarn is making me look like I know what I am doing.



I am about to cast off for the armholes and the keep on trucking. I am so enjoying this project AND this yarn. Lord it feels so good. I mean I even sleep with it, well I sleep with all my yarn..hence the title of the blog. hahahahahahaahahahaa.

I will leave you with a few more pics of where I am currently and what the outcome should look like

IMG_0771 IMG_0805 IMG_0515


and of course I will come back with the finished project.


Knit on..