So it’s like a week since I knit or purl, yes you read it right! I have not knit in 7 whole days.

Why? Well I am a new commuter and because of that my days are like 13 hours long. Therefore, if I sit still I pass all the way out. Then, there was my other obsession….the new iPhone was released and well of course I had to have it IMG_0019.JPG

I mean one must be able to clearly see Ravelry right? And who doesn’t want the best pic of their hard handmade work? Listen it’s even easier to blog from this phone, so there. I ran home from work to play with Goldy <—-what I call my phone and slept all day today.

So the plan for tomorrow is to get a few rows done and get back in the flow of things. I mean I should be able to swoon over Goldy and knit too, right?