I left home with my project and no yarn ;/

So let me paint this picture. I went to bed at a decent time, I woke up before the alarm went off, I mean I thought I overslept…I was so ready for my day. The train was on time, I got a seat without an issue. I get comfortable and I pull out my WIP and that is when I noticed my problem. I have enough yarn to knit 1, maybe 2 rows? Ain’t nobody got time for that! What was I thinking?


I know I have shared that knitting centers me, it’s my happy place, right? So having a yarn shortage is so NOT a good thing for me. I mean I am a trainer, I have to be professional..I NEED to be centered to do that.

I mean it when I say yarn is the string that holds me together.  I am currently falling apart and its only 10:27AMScreen Shot 2014-06-01 at 10.48.54 PM