As I approached the train station before the sun and begun to feel, well annoyed. I grabbed my WIP and worked a row or two and Pow! Instant better. So I got to thinking, what other normal life events lead to knitting?

1. Because the sun rises #iKnit
2. Because I popped a button on my sweater, while the grubby man on the subway is watching #iKnit
3. Because I read that Hello Kitty is NOT a kitty?? #iKnit slowly..she has whiskers though O-o
4. Because the battery on my phone died #iKnit
5. Because I have $3 in my pocket and I’m hungry #iKnit
6. Because I missed train after running down the stairs #iKnit while breathing deeply
7. Because Football season is back! #iKnit
8. Because I have all this dayum yarn so of course #iKnit
9. Because I’m single #iKnit, wait is that why I am single? #iWonder
10. Because it’s the last weekend of the summer #iKnit