I saw this infinity cowl on Ravelry that seemed simple enough, so I casted on. The pattern is called Snowdrift Infinity Cowl by Kalurah and it’s free. I had this YUMMY yarn I purchased from Chelseayarns during the NJ Wool walk and I was itching to use it. The yarn is Manos Del Uruguay Maxima, which is 100% merino wool and my goodness, well you look at it and you will understand.


The pattern calls for the basket weave stitch and it looks so pretty. I read the pattern first, go me, because normallyI don’t 😳. I get all up in the pattern before I realize I should have read the instructions…duh!


A 2 row repeat I’d doable right? Of course, so here I go knitting along minding my stitches when I notice something is off. The pattern doesn’t look the same. Well, Gaye, the pattern said cast on an odd number and you did even, so WELP…there you go.

So here is what the pattern looks like in comparison to what I am working on. I am going to keep going though. Lesson learned.




Knit on