1. Because why not?
2. Because Downton Abbey will have it’s last season and I know I will see someone knit now, right?
3. Because YouTube shows you how and when a tutorial exists and you don’t do it. Go ahead, hang your head, shame on you

4. Because the sun rises and then it sets and someone can die yarn in those colors, so yea KNIT!
5. Because Ryan Gosling is fine as frog hairs and apparently it turns him on #heygirl
6. Because On Twitter…there is a hashtag so it’s required #knitting
7. Because there are 7 days in a week
8. Because Vogue has a magazine and website dedicated to it…. So get your life together
9. Because my mother would crawl out of her grave if I publicly admitted I was a hooker
10. Because they do it on Orange is the new Black, and YOU are free!
10a. Because on that episode of GOT, wait no that was True Blood right? No?
10 1/2.  Because Christmas  is coming

And Bonus reason:
11. Because that girl on that movie, what’s it called? You know she wore that cowl that EVERYONE knit but me.

Why do you knit?

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on