To buy yarn, yarn and more yarn. To grab my partner in crime, my BFF and hit the road. What am I talking about, is that your question? It is Yarnho season, oops I mean time for the craft/fiber/must buy yarn festivals to start. Thank you Pam McKenzie for the reminder.


Last year my girlfriend and I attended Stitches East for first time and OMG! Is there such a thing as a fiber orgasm? No, that’s too much? OK, uh how about a fiber high, is that better?  Well that is the only way I can describe the sheer elation I experienced at being in the middle of a convention hall FULL of yarn. I’ll let that sink in for a minute.

DSC02113 DSC02150

Ok back to the point…once the season changes its like a fiber lover’s dream. You have the Stitches East event in Connecticut. That is where I met my beloved Becca Smith of The BagSmith and Sharon Coleman the creator/owner of the Ablet. This year it takes place the weekend of Oct 9th I believe. Then there is the infamous Rhinebeck (Oct 18/19) New York’s sheep and wool festival. I MUST attend, I didn’t get to go last year and I was so green with envy that I stayed off of social media that weekend. I couldn’t take looking at all the pictures..yup I was being Childish.  I mean there is a Maryland Sheep and wool festival.. that I would love to experience. I hear a Garden State version exists as well in early September…be still my beating heart! tumblr_m8d6drx9sw1qgbzseo1_400

This weekend, if only I lived near Pittsburgh PA. The first annual Creative Arts Festival takes place and I can only imagine. Then there is this one day sale in NJ by a company called Smiley’s Yarn. It says cash only…and I say but of course! Mark your calendar for Saturday Sept 20 12-3pm only!!

Now a sane person would pick one event, right? WRONG!!! if the Fiber Gods see fit I will be home and hitting EVERY event possible..with camera in hand and cash in pocket (I will have to figure out that cash thing) but you get my meaning right? (insert sheepish grin)