So I was going through my projects on Ravelry and came across an UFO or a WIP as they call it, and instantly became confused. I mean this project has been sitting in the land of the forgotten since October 8, 2013 and I have no idea why. I mean I was simply shocked.


This discovery led me to dig further, I had to find out WHY I never finished this project. Was it the yarn? It definitely wasn’t the pattern, because this was the second attempt. Wait was that it? Me and my rush through a pattern because it’s new syndrome. Is that why this lovely yarn and almost complete CrazyBird Shawl was just sitting around like a step project? I knew the outcome so I was less than intrigued, could that be it? I know this…I won’t do this again, because trying to pick it up again wasn’t fun. First I couldn’t find the other ball of yarn! hahahahahahaaa, thank God I had the sense to keep the pattern and my notes together so I knew where I was in the pattern. Once the yarn was found I got back on track and remembered why  loved this particular pattern; simplicity with a striking outcome.


The pattern in question is called the Crazybird Shawl; while attending the NJ Fiber Arts Festival the owner was wearing the shawl and I fell in love. I purchased the pattern, ran home to cast on and 2 days later I had my own. You can see the first one here. What I loved is the pattern is one that gauge doesn’t matter so I was gassed up to try it again…but somewhere along the line I lost interest and I still don’t know WHY!!  What distracted me? What did I do next? What was more important?  Well I am back on track and should be finished soon. As expected I am loving this yarn and the flow of the colors is just as I expected. Yarn: Schoppel-Wolle Gradient was purchased during the 2013 NJ Yarn Crawl


Do you have UFO’s, if yes how many? and why? What stopped you from completing the project the first time around?