I love firsts don’t you? The anticipation, the possibilities, just all of it! Well I have Linen in my stash but as you all know I was in the Yarn-less Philippines (not really, but REALLY!) so I had to get what I could get. I mean I was in desperation mode…who goes days without knitting? Not this one…I have a physical reaction that isn’t fun…so babble much? The point? are you wondering what it is? Hahahahahahahaaa I finished my Pendulum by Amy Miller!! and I am pleased as punch 🙂


So back to the linen, as I was knitting with it, I was second guessing my decision because it felt, well…not soft. :/ but I pushed through as I had to knit and this is what I had. The yarn I used is Katia Lino 100% and like I normally do…the yarn first and then the pattern. Welp, this pattern called for only 2 colors and who had 4? Yup that would be me :/


I made it work though. Now let’s talk about how towards the end I was traveling for what seemed like the rest of my life, so Uh yea…them errors.  The pattern is SUPPOSED to be wedges and I was on track, but that knitting while sleepy thing, there should be a law! LOL! I looked down and was like “what you won’t do, is rip it out!” and kept on moving. I mean in knitting what is a mistake really? A design element…EXACTLY! hahahahahaahahahaha

 IMG_2743 IMG_2742

There is something about garter stitch that makes one simply enjoy the knitting…AND this pattern is super doable…I avoided it for awhile because of the short rows. What knitting techniques makes you shake in your boots? Woo Weee a short row, makes me run in the other direction..and for no good reason. It went well and could have gone better had I paid attention. Oh well I really like the outcome and I will wear it with pride as soon as I block this puppy.  I soaked it in some, well SOAK and it soften up, so she (me) is happy.


Can we talk about blocking? No? Next time maybe? Ok. I allowed it to dry completely and then I had to weave in the ends…UGHHHH yeah I waited till the last minute, but who enjoys that part? NOT me! Time for the reveal…I was hoping to employ my favorite model (my daughter) but she wasn’t looking, shall we say, model-like! hahahaahahahahaaa! Well then she HAD to be the photographer:


I am pleased and I will be wearing it to work tmrw.