Because I can almost never be found without my knitting in tow, someone is guaranteed to ask me to make them something. *blank stare* UH NO! LOL I have an Etsy shop, feel free to purchase all you like…but just make you something because…WHY? Now I am far from mean, but those of you that knit know it is an investment our  hearts and time and if I DECIDE to give my work away I will, but please don’t ask. K? Thanks

So a friend of mine has been asking me on a daily basis, GG can you make me this? can you make me that? Oh she was tuggin at my heart strings, because I love her, but I, yea, I am not making her anything.  So we decided I would teach her how to knit. Did I say she was a perfectionist? What had I gotten myself into? Off to the ONLY yarn store I could find in the metro Manila area (that is another post) to find her some yarn and big needles. I figured garter stitch and a cowl would be easiest, just knit flat and seam it..yup that’s it! 

We find the yarn; Four Season Gründl which is a 50% Acrylic, 25% alpaca and 25% wool blend DSC03691 we get the recommended needle size (we talked gauge until her eyes started time) and we head back to the hotel to nap and plan to knit when we wake up. We worked over night while in the Philippines so we have to stay up over night on Sundays if we are to be presentable on Monday night. LOL 

Promptly at  3am she came to my hotel room…we started off with the simple cast on: the Backwards loop cast on I had her practice that for a bit and went right into the knit stitch and then the pearl stitch and she was knitting in no time flat DSC03710 Woot Woot Get it!! She freaked when I made her pull all of her progress out and start on her infinity scarf. LOL 

I simply had her case on 30 stitches, because she wanted it wide, and knit until she was ALMOST out of yarn.  Guys can I tell you this woman wouldn’t sleep, would barely eat, because she had to get back to her knitting. Yup I created a monster and I love it! IMG_2716 she carried it EVERYwhere and had to show it to anyone with eyeballs! hahahahahaa She was so proud and so was I. She finished her first project in 2 days flat…she was in beast mode people…full on beast mode. 

Then the complaining started because she didn’t have anything else to make and she needed more yarn. I won’t say I TOLD her to grab more yarn while we were there…but don’t listen to me, the one that physically itches without yarn readily available, just pay me no mind. SOOOO you guessed it BACK to the yarn store we go! LOL you gotta love it! 

At this point I figure she is ready to knit in the round and use circs, right? RIGHT, she got it without me getting TOO many grey hairs and off to the races she went, knitting every possible moment she could.


she finished the one in no time flat and wore it to work the next day. Yes she had on a cowl in the Philippines. 

DSC04129 DSC04131