Yarn Woo Hoo from Gaye Glasspie on Vimeo.

So FINALLY, I have yarn. I was at the point of desperation. I mean I really was starting to itch..it was too much, too long without the pleasure of creating.
I went back to the original store and dug around until I found something I wanted. I settled on some linen by Katia and CascadeYarns sports weight. I wanted something unique to the Philippines..but no such luck, but I did buy this Knit Lite, the tips of the needles light up. 🙂

I also taught my friend to knit. She can’t do anything else for knitting. LOL it’s funny to watch, I am so proud of her.

You can see footage from the store here

I am currently working on the Pendulum by Amy Miller. I will be back with progress shots soon.

Until next time