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Big needles, chunky yarn and felt oh my!!! This, my fiber friends, describes the kit from the BagSmith that I am about to introduce to you. A few weeks back while checking in on my favorite pages on Facebook I fell in love with yet another project bag. This one was from the BagSmith. What? It had a heart on it! I had to get it and besides I ADORE Becca (the owner), yup that’s my story and I am sticking to it. Hahahahaha anyway I ordered the bag, well…because I NEEDED it in my life. A few minutes after placing my order I get an email from the one and only Becca Smith, owner of The Bagsmith, to iron out some details on my order; can we talk about GREAT customer service? We can? okay that will be another post 🙂 In this same email she asked if I would review one of her kits and of course I said ABSOLUTLEY. So here we are…

I was in Bufalo when this took place and had to wait until I got home to get my hands on this kit. Well, I get home and have to unpack and repack; therefore, I still couldn’t play with my new goodies…so in the suitcase it went. I’ll knit on the plane right? WRONG!! Who forgot to wind the hank into a ball :/?

So I had one of my students help me wind the ball and immediately started knitting on my ride back to the hotel. Ok let’s rewind, the kit is for a caplet. A Caplet called Madyson designed by Terri Rosenthal for the Bagsmith. The kit includes the pattern, the yarn (Apple Creek Chunky yarn 90% merino & 10% silk), and the felt (80% merino & 20% silk); all you need to successfully create this beauty is US 17 circular needles.

Did I tell you all that I am #teamlazy? I did? Oh ok then you will understand why I just dived in and didn’t read nothing…so what does lazy get you? More work! LOL I had to rip out and prepare the felt. I was wondering how I would get it on and if I had only read the pattern, but anyway, I get back on track and I am super excited. Why? Because I had never worked with felt or done anything like this caplet before. Once the felt was ready to go there was no stopping me, I knit my way through a Typhoon. That’s right Typhoon Glenda, tore through the Philippines…so did I worry? A little, but I knit more 🙂

I am super pleased with the outcome, I still need to crochet the drawstring and weave in the ends (the part I love to hate). I will post more pics when it is completely done. A fairly simple pattern, with an extraordinary result. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!


If you are interested in making your own, it comes in a variety of colors, check it out here