Well here we are approximately 3 weeks from the cast on and the second panel will be complete. The sleeves will be done 2 at a time, because…well just because! LOL! The battle between my laziness and my desire to complete a project forces me to be creative. I would have never EVER imagined knitting anything 2 at a time. You know what the mind fears….
I don’t want to give away the pattern, but I swear I need a lesson on measuring. Either I can’t count, I can’t see (that is more likely the case) or I was just too dang tired to make heads or tails of the situation. I can not, no strike that, I will NOT tell you how many times I had to measure, re-measure, “excuse me can you measure this panel?” before I just said WELP and moved on. So *clears throat* to anyone that asks, yea I made it that size/length on purpose! hahahahahahahaaa Especially if purpose means – I GIVE UP!  The challenge will be giving up at the exact same moment on panel 2. Pray for me fiber friends.
I am not sure about you guys, but I am a visual person, I need to see it in my mind’s eye and when I can’t, I improvise. I love Wool and the Gang and although I couldn’t see it, I didn’t stray from the pattern. I was all set to add more stitches, like who do I think I am right? They are the professionals and I paid for them to show me how to make the dang sweater, so I fought myself the entire way. Now here we are and I am happy so far. I can’t wait to assemble. I am thinking at least another week and we should have a completed sweater. Woo Hoo!! So very proud I am, yes ma’am! Image