Can't Sleep? KNIT

The beginning of the Vivienne Cardigan by Wool and the Gang. I am 12 hours ahead and my body is like why we still in the bed it’s time to get up…and that was hours ago. Jet lag is alive and well my friends. Sooooo the only logical thing to do is KNIT, don’t you agree?

As you know, well at least I think you know…I love the color Orange and this shiny pima cotton from Wool and the Gang in the color Vitamin C is RIGHT!!! I said I was determined to make a sweater, so it will be me and this Cardigan for a bit. Outside of working I have nothing but time on my hands.

Twisted Ribbing
Twisted Ribbing

I absolutely intend on searching for a local yarn spot and of course I will share my adventures! NOTE: I am using the Nova Cubics I won, I will do a review once I am done.