As you all know from my various trips to different yarn stores, I travel for work. Today I came home to prepare to leave again on Saturday. I had to wait until now to see my daughter because she just got home from work. Sooooo I was greeted by ALL the MAIL! I got the needles I won from Knitter’s Pride, they are called Nova Cubics and they gave me the happys 🙂 I will do a separate blog post once I use them. Woot Woot! Thank you Knitter’s Pride!

Image Wool and the Gang ALWAYS makes me happy. I absolutely ADORE the packaging and sure will GET MY KNIT ON! I ordered the Vivenne Cardigan. I have been saying all year that THIS year I would make a sweater and that is what I plan to do! I selected the color called Vitamin C.Yes Ma’am Pam!! Wait wanna see? ImageDid you say OOO and Ahhh? Or did you get really close to the screen? or does your face look like thisImage lol you want some don’t you? hahahahahaha Go get you some! It’s 100% cotton and I will absolutely let you all see my progress.

Then I am sure I told you all how much I love The BagSmith right? Well I saw this Project bag with a heart on it and well….here look for yourself Image I Love hearts and I have a thing for project bags (check out the video here) AND I will be reviewing one of their projects, stay tuned for the details. Then there is the yarn from Fable Fibers club I belong to, woot woot! What a way to be welcomed home…love it! Image

She is home and she has mail!!!