I confess.....

I confess: yarn is cheaper than therapy.

I confess: yarn is the string that holds my tattered heart in place.

I confess: even at my darkest moments, if I knit I will not cry..why? Because I refuse to get my yarn wet.

I confess: had I not learned to knit I can’t imagine how I would have made it through the last 2 years.

I confess: yarn makes me feel useful, creative, new, worthy and comforted.

I confess: the rhythm of the needles and the texture of the yarn almost hypnotizes me

I confess: I probably should stop purchasing yarn

I confess: I will NOT stop buying yarn, why should I?

I confess: I hope this post makes someone feel better about their addiction to yarn

I confess: I am going to knit right now πŸ™‚