yarn over, magic loop, knit through the back loop, slip slip knit, drop stitch…what is your favorite technique?

I remember being extremely afraid of dropping stitches until I saw the design aspect of it. I was attending the North Jersey Fiber Arts Festival in October and fell in love with dropping stitches.  During the festival I had the pleasure of meeting Liz Capik,  the designer of The Crazybird Shawl which does a FABULOUS job of showcasing this technique; a technique I always deemed a mistake O-o.

Image I bought the pattern from her company, it is called Apple Tree Knits.  I and ran home to cast on. You know I had to, the pattern called for any weight yarn, but the sample she was wearing was done in a bulky yarn and she said she used a decent size needle (us 13 I think she said). I think what I loved most is you could use any weight or size needle you desired. Image

In no time flat, I was ready to drop them stitches. What a scary moment that instantly turned into sheer delight. I absolutely love the openness that is achieved by dropping the stitch. Who had a super duper proud moment? I did!!  I swear when you tell yourself you can’t do something, you are so right!! So when it comes to knitting and new techniques, I just go for it!